3-Way Rain Shower System with Easy Install (A8394705)



A8394705BN-3 Way rain shower set with pressure balance valve & concealed box


Transform your shower routine with the A8394705 3-Way Rain Shower System, a luxurious and functional set designed for ultimate customization, ease of installation, and a spa-like experience.

Benefits Focused Description:

  • Unmatched Shower Versatility & Relaxation:

    • Feature: Three-way showerhead design (rain showerhead, handheld shower, and tub spout).
    • Benefit: Experience the luxurious downpour of the rain showerhead, the targeted cleansing of the handheld shower, or the convenience of a tub spout, all in one complete system. This versatility allows you to customize your shower routine for the perfect bathing experience every time.
  • Premium Quality for Lasting Luxury:

    • Feature: High-quality materials including brass and stainless steel, with a two-way brass balance shower valve and Glamour cartridge.
    • Benefit: Enjoy a shower system built to last. The premium materials ensure exceptional durability and resilience against corrosion, while the brass construction and Glamour cartridge guarantee smooth and reliable water flow control for years to come.
  • Simple & Hassle-Free Installation:

    • Feature: Concealed box design with NPT threaded components and a 1.5m stainless steel hose.
    • Benefit: Experience a quick and easy installation process with the concealed box design. Simply connect the NPT threaded components and enjoy your new shower system right away. The included 1.5m stainless steel hose offers added convenience during your shower.

Upgrade your bathroom with the A8394705 3-Way Rain Shower System and indulge in the ultimate combination of customization, luxury, and a hassle-free installation.

Key Features:

  • Three-way showerhead design (rain showerhead, handheld shower, tub spout)
  • Premium quality materials (brass, stainless steel)
  • Two-way brass balance shower valve with Glamour cartridge for smooth water flow
  • Concealed box design for easy installation
  • NPT threaded components
  • 1.5m stainless steel hose

Target Audience: Homeowners seeking a luxurious, functional, and easy-to-install shower upgrade.


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