Concealed Toilet Paper Holder with Cover (SS36) – Multiple Finishes




  • Upgrade your bathroom with the SS36 Concealed Toilet Paper Holder with Cover, a sleek and hygienic design that offers both functionality and a touch of modern elegance.

    Benefits Focused Description:

    • Enhanced Hygiene & Dust Protection:

      • Feature: Built-in cover.
      • Benefit: Minimize dust and germ accumulation on your toilet paper roll, ensuring a more hygienic bathroom environment.
    • Modern Design & Multiple Finishes:

      • Feature: Concealed design with a choice of three finishes (Matt Black, Matt Polish, Mirror Polish).
      • Benefit: Create a sleek and modern look in your bathroom that complements various décor styles. Choose from a variety of finishes to perfectly match your existing bathroom fixtures.
    • Easy Installation & Maintenance:

      • Feature: Wall-mounted design with included installation instructions.
      • Benefit: Experience a hassle-free installation process with clear and comprehensive instructions provided.
      • Benefit: Effortless cleaning and maintenance. Simply use a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning, followed by drying with another soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to preserve the finish.

    The SS36 Concealed Toilet Paper Holder with Cover offers the perfect combination of hygiene, style, and ease of use, making it the ideal addition to any bathroom renovation project.

    Key Features:

    • Built-in cover for enhanced hygiene
    • Concealed design for a modern look
    • Available in three finishes (Matt Black, Matt Polish, Mirror Polish)
    • Wall-mounted design for easy installation
    • Easy to clean and maintain

    Target Audience: Homeowners looking for a hygienic, stylish, and easy-to-maintain toilet paper holder for their bathroom renovation.


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