Large LED Mirror with Defogger (EL-13L, H670 x L980mm)

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Fog Free Bathroom Mirror


Transform your bathroom experience with the EL-13L Silver Edge LED Mirror, a large rectangular design that offers exceptional functionality and a touch of modern elegance.

Benefits Focused Description:

  • Bright Bathroom & Adjustable Lighting for Every Task:

    • Feature: Backlit and ambient light design with dimmer switch.
    • Benefit: Brighten your entire bathroom for optimal visibility when getting ready, ensuring a flawless makeup application or a clear view for shaving.
    • Benefit: Personalize the lighting ambiance with a touch sensor dimmer, allowing you to adjust the light intensity to your preference, perfect for applying makeup, shaving, or creating a relaxing spa-like environment.
  • Large, Flawless Reflection & Fog-Free Convenience:

    • Feature: High-quality 5mm thick mirror with a large size (H670 x L980mm).
    • Benefit: Enjoy a spacious and flawless reflection for a complete view during your grooming routine, ideal for seeing your entire outfit or applying makeup with ease.
    • Benefit: Say goodbye to bathroom fog and maintain a clear reflection, even after a hot shower.
  • Modern Design & Safe Operation:

    • Feature: Sleek silver edge design with touch sensor controls.
    • Benefit: Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with a modern and spacious look that complements various bathroom styles.
    • Benefit: Experience peace of mind with UL, SAA, CE, and IP44 certifications, guaranteeing safety and durability in your bathroom environment.

Upgrade your bathroom today with the EL-13L Silver Edge LED Mirror and experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience. This versatile LED mirror is ideal for those seeking a large and clear view in their bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Backlit and ambient light design with dimmer switch
  • Defogger function for a clear mirror
  • 3 color temperature options (3000k, 4000k, 6000k)
  • 5mm mirror thickness
  • Silver edge design
  • UL, SAA, CE, IP44 certified

Target Audience: Homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom with a modern and functional large LED mirror.


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