Fog-Free LED Mirror with Dimmer & Magnification (EL-16LM)

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Fog Free Bathroom Mirror


  • Upgrade your bathroom with the EL-16LM Fog-Free LED Mirror, a revolutionary solution that combines perfect clarity, customizable lighting, and modern design to elevate your daily routine.

    Benefits Focused Description:

    • Always See Clearly, Even in Steamy Bathrooms:

      • Feature: Built-in defogger and backlighting.
      • Benefit: Enjoy a clear reflection every time, eliminating frustration and wasted time wiping away condensation.
    • Create Your Perfect Lighting Environment:

      • Feature: Three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 6000K) and adjustable brightness with a touch sensor dimmer.
      • Benefit: Customize the lighting to match your needs, from warm and inviting to bright and energizing. Find the perfect ambiance for applying makeup, shaving, or any other bathroom task.
    • Effortless Precision with Magnification:

      • Feature: Built-in 3x magnifying mirror.
      • Benefit: Get a closer look for flawless makeup application, shaving, or any other task requiring detailed attention.
    • Long-Lasting Performance & Peace of Mind:

      • Feature: 5mm thick mirror with UL, SAA, CE, and IP44 certifications.
      • Benefit: Experience exceptional durability, reliable operation, and safety in your bathroom environment. The thick mirror construction ensures long-lasting use, while the certifications guarantee safety and quality.
    • Modern Design & Elevated Functionality:

      • Feature: Sleek design with a silver edge and a conveniently placed towel bar (installation recommended).
      • Benefit: Enhance your bathroom aesthetics with a modern and stylish touch while enjoying superior functionality. The towel bar recommendation ensures a streamlined and efficient bathroom experience.

    The EL-16LM Fog-Free LED Mirror offers the perfect combination of clarity, lighting customization, magnification, durability, safety, and style, making it the ideal solution to elevate your bathroom and daily routine.

    Key Features:

    • Built-in defogger for clear reflection even in steamy bathrooms
    • Three color temperature options (3000K, 4000K, 6000K)
    • Adjustable brightness with touch sensor dimmer
    • Built-in 3x magnifying mirror for detailed tasks
    • 5mm thick mirror for durability
    • UL, SAA, CE, and IP44 certified for safety
    • Modern design with silver edge
    • Complementary Tip: Consider installing a towel bar next to the mirror for added convenience (sold separately)

    Target Audience: Homeowners looking for a stylish and functional fog-free LED mirror with customizable lighting, magnification, and a modern design to enhance their bathroom and daily routine.


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