Spacious Luxury: All-in-One Vanity with Ample Storage & LED Mirror (EC913)




Declutter your bathroom and create a haven of organization with the EC913 vanity, featuring a spacious design, thoughtfully-sized drawers, and beautiful oak drawer fronts for a touch of modern warmth.

Benefits Focused Description:

  • Maximize Storage & Conquer Bathroom Clutter:

    • Feature: Four meticulously designed drawers – two smaller drawers and two larger side-by-side drawers.
    • Benefit: Organize your entire bathroom essentials collection with ease. The drawers cater to various item sizes, allowing you to efficiently store everything from toiletries and makeup to towels and cleaning supplies.
  • Modern Design with a Touch of Warmth:

    • Feature: Sleek main cabinet with optional oak drawer fronts.
    • Benefit: Create a modern and inviting bathroom that complements your décor. Choose between a classic all-white look or add a touch of warmth with the beautiful oak drawer option.
  • Exceptional Durability & High-Quality Materials:

    • Feature: Main cabinet crafted from a combination of melamine and plywood with HTD rails.

    • Benefit: Experience long-lasting use and resilience against everyday wear and tear. The high-quality materials ensure durability in a humid bathroom environment.

    • Feature: Matte white artificial stone countertop.

    • Benefit: Enjoy a modern and easy-to-maintain surface that offers a luxurious look. The non-porous material resists stains and scratches for lasting beauty.

  • Bright & Modern Illumination:

    • Feature: Large LED mirror measuring 1200 x 650 x 30 mm.
    • Benefit: Enhance your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics with a bright and well-lit environment, perfect for morning routines or applying makeup. The LED technology offers energy efficiency and a modern touch.
  • Spacious Design for Added Comfort:

    • Benefit: Maximize functionality and comfort with the vanity’s generous dimensions of 1195 x 545 x 460 mm and the large countertop measuring 1200 x 500 mm. This combination provides ample storage and a spacious washing area.

The EC913 Bathroom Vanity with LED Mirror offers the perfect combination of exceptional storage capacity, modern design with customization options, functionality, durability, and spaciousness, making it the ideal solution to create a clutter-free and organized bathroom retreat.

Key Features:

  • Four meticulously sized drawers for ultimate organization
  • Optional oak drawer fronts for a modern touch
  • Main cabinet made from melamine and plywood with HTD rails for durability
  • Matte white artificial stone countertop for a luxurious look
  • Ceramic above-counter basin (not included, compatible with standard sizes)
  • Large LED mirror (1200 x 650 x 30 mm) for bright illumination
  • Spacious design (vanity: 1195 x 545 x 460 mm, countertop: 1200 x 500 mm)

Target Audience: Homeowners looking for a stylish, functional, and highly-organized all-in-one bathroom vanity solution with ample storage space in various drawer sizes, the option for beautiful oak drawers, a modern countertop, and a large LED mirror for their bathroom renovation project.


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